Dacofis unique filtration technology is based on a roller-principle which creates a low pressure chamber when the rollers are engaged. The roller-principle allows for multiple rollers of which some are filter rollers and some are rubber rollers. Within the chamber the media is pressed and separated into a dry substance fraction and a liquid fraction. The dry substance is scraped off on the outside of the filter rollers while the liquid fraction is discharged through the filters.

Uniqueness of this technology comes from its ability to perform a gentle separation of valuable parts of waste into the liquid fraction of the separated media while avoiding production stops due to blocked filters. In terms of performance the Rotary Dewatering Press offers up to 45% dry substance depending on the specific application.

The Rotary Dewatering Press is currently optimized for separation of potato pulp and brewers spent grain, but will be available for multiple applications as long as these entails a fibrous fraction.

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