Making spent grain
a profitable business

Dacofi introduces a turnkey solution for the brewery industry, to minimize waste and maximize profit of the brewery process. With the technology of the Rotary Dewatering Press, we allow breweries to separate spent grain into a dry substance and a liquid fraction, which allows for concentration of valuable fractions of proteins, fibers, vitamins and antioxidants.

Cost of final drying is significantly reduced and proteins and fibers from the liquid fraction is concentrated in a centrifuge.

Our solution is economically effective and in this way we turn a waste product into an enriched supply product attractive to a number of food producing industries.

Turning brewery waste streams into enriched food ingredients and profitable business for the brewery.

Create new product lines and sales channel into the food industry offering perfectly healthy food ingredients for meat and bread products.

The Rotary Dewatering Press is scalable from the smallest to the largest brewery and fits in to your current production line with minimal adaptations.