Dacofi is a filtration technology company which has developed an efficient, continuous and robust rotary press for filtration of liquids in the range from 10µm – 800µm.

Dacofi envision to utilize its proprietary technology to optimize the use of waste streams from industrial companies to support the increasing global demand for food, feed and better use of natural resources.


Dacofis HV Product line is designed for filtration of high viscosity liquids and is available from 1-ton capacity and upwards. The LV Product line is designed for filtration of low viscosity liquids and is expected to be ready for the market in 2019.
The Dacofi HV product line is designed for gentle, continuous filtration of high viscosity fluids. Based on the patented filtration principle the Dacofi HV product line combines the advantages of dead end filtration with the advantages of cross flow filtration – plus the addition of novel benefits. The rotary roller concept ensures uniform treatment of all particles and the HV product line is therefore a very efficient dewatering unit that also cater for customized solutions for particle sorting between liquid phase and dry matter in the range from 10μm – 800μm.

The HV product line which follows EC 1935/2004 guidelines, is designed with limited need for routine maintenance, fast cleaning and easy dissembling. It has a small footprint and easy systems integration making it possible to fit within even the smallest production facilities and up to large scale.

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  • Modular technology platform for a wide range of applications
  • Low operating cost, operating noise and power consumption (1 kWh/1,000 kg product) with a high throughput
  • 10μm – 800μm single particle filtration
  • 24/7 continuous filtration
  • Low footprint requirement – 1m2/1,000 kg capacity
  • Endless scalability options
  • Easy and fast system integration
  • Power consumption average: 1 kWh/1000 kg
  • Total motor effect installed: 4.3 kW
  • Drum speed: 3 – 8 RPM
  • Inlet screw speed: 10-100 RPM
  • Rated torque of drum motors: 310 Nm
  • Protection rate: IP66
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Dacofi’s unique filtration technology is based on a roller-principle utilizing a set of four or more rollers depending on the specific application. The basic concept utilizes two filter rollers which engage with two rubber rollers together creating a low-pressure chamber between them.

The liquid product is continually fed into the pressure chamber by a feeding screw where it is pressed between the rubber and the filter rollers ensuring efficient filtration. The dry fraction is scraped off on the outside filter screen while the liquid fraction is discharged through a peristaltic pump from the bottom of the filter rollers.

Service & Support

Dacofi acknowledge the importance of a well-functioning service and support organization which is dedicated to understand and support the customer from the outset where the first tests are made and though to become a trusted and valued partner for the customer.
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  • Installation and Commissioning: With every sale of a Dacofi rotary dewatering press we include an Installation Service Package (ISP) to ensure fast integration to the customers current installations and/or replacement of current installations. The ISP include setup, integration and necessary test runs to reach optimal machine performance.


  • Maintenance: Dacofi ApS will offer a optional Service Agreement (SA) within every sale including frequent maintenance of the installation depending on the specific application. The SA will include specific spare parts like scrapers, plates, filter units and sealings and a specific plan for down time during maintenance.


  • Spare parts: Original spare parts from Dacofi ApS ensures full traceability on all components for the food industries. Spare parts are always available on request with short notice and can be ordered if the customer has chosen not to use the SA or has exceeded the maximum number of spare parts included in the SA for a given period of time.


  • Dacofi Test Lab (DTL): Dacofi always offer to run demos for customers to test specific applications pre-decision to make on-site test runs. At DTL we are also always open to run tests of new applications and/or to optimize our technology for a given application.


  • Remote support: Dacofi offer a control configuration with online access to the Dacofi machine control interface and lets Dacofi ApS do immediate online support with regard to machine performance, alarm codes, including engine, conveyors and pumps where these options has been included in the solution.


  • On-site support: If needed Dacofi offers on-site support with our own personal or through our dedicated partners which are represented on a global scale whatever the challenge should be.


  • Technical documentation: Dacofi offer all technical documentation as requested by the customers and is always available to offer PFD and P&ID for further process investigation. Dacofi is up to date with the newest 3D CAD software and offers layouts for plant design and installation in close contact with the customer.


The HV product line is suitable for filtration of high viscosity fluids with DS in inlet from 5% and up till 25%.
Proven applications include spent grain from breweries and potato pulp from starch industries.

For more information about alternative applications, please contact Dacofi at (+45) 2132 6665 or contact@dacofi.com


About Us

Dacofi is established in late 2014 based on an invention from the Technical University of Denmark.

For years prior to establishment the two inventors – Preben Bøje Hansen and Peter Reimer Stubbe – had indulged themselves into the field of filtration. They had been inspired particularly by the well-known Bucher press principle and despite its obvious advantages they one day came up with an idea for improvement of this principle.

And – as they both had an entrepreneurial mindset – they started building prototypes to showcase a new technology that turned out to accommodate not only the challenges of the Bucher press but also a number of the shortcomings of other filtration technologies.

They came a long way but took in 2014 the decision to spin out the technology from the university to accelerate the commercialization and created Dacofi ApS.

Since then several prototypes has been developed based on numerous test runs, demonstrations and customer insights. All these efforts have resulted in the creation of the HV Product line, which is a family of robust and compact filtration units enabling efficient filtration of high viscosity fluids.

At Dacofi we aim to utilize our proprietary technology to contribute to create a more sustainable ecosystem. We will fulfill our mission by showcasing to our customers how our filtration technology can add value to their businesses while saving natural resources and creating new and better food and feed ingredients.



Adam Hillestrøm


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Christoffer Cady

Technical Manager

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